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Mindfulness & well-being

Discover right now serenity within yourself with the “Little Mindful Life Handbook”: a journey to inner peace, mindfulness, positive mindset and deep happiness.

I wanted to create this free resource to let you know if you are ready to take on a mindfulness path and to let you experience – in PRACTICE – how I structure my pathways.

Engaging mindfulness quizzes and guided meditations enriched by analysis questions that will help you discover new depths in your practice await you. You will also find a weekly schedule of formal and informal practices, created to gradually bring you closer to mindfulness.

Free access

You can log in for free, read the PDF and complete the various sections in your own time, take notes and reread whenever you want. By starting with small steps, new practices are more likely to become established in your daily life.

Immediate access

There is nothing hidden, it is a gift I want to give you. You just need to request the PDF by clicking the "download free pdf" button and you will receive it immediately to your preferred email address (time for an email to be sent).

Of great value

Mindfulness involves the acquisition of new mental and behavioral habits. Starting gradually allows your body and mind to adapt naturally, without overloading your senses or your awareness.

Let's keep in touch

Feel free to ask me any kind of information or elucidation about the world of mindfulness and meditation. Remember that there are NO right or wrong questions but only the overwhelming desire to know.

Little Mindful Life Handbook

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